Software version for the ccie voice

A twitter friend ask this question :

“Anyone know the exact versions of sw for CCIE Voice lab, e.g.CCM,UCCX,CUPS and Connections?I have ccm 7.0.1,cups7.0.2,uccx7.0.1,ucnx7.0.1?”

So for once i will put some english (vous avez de la chance, c’est pas un chinois :) my blog to answer him :)

As far as i can imagine, the differents provider of lab give the impression that they all use :
ccm 7.0.1,
and also not to forget the CME CUE : 7.0.1
and the IOS : 12.4.(22) T

I think it is really important to cope with these versions because, it seemes things change a bit from lesser version to lesser version.

Hope it helps.

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